AAASC – 'Right choice at the Right time is the Right of the child'

Aryans World School is constantly striving for all-round development of a child. Physical development is one of the most important aspect of it. Without proper physical health other developments like cognitive, social, etc are totally out of scene. Unfortunately, with the advent of urban concrete jungles, quality physical exercise in a restricted space is a big question mark for the parents. Survey suggests 90% of the CBSE schools do not have sufficient playgrounds and effective exercising equipment's to suffice a proper physical development.

The foundation of the Aaryans Academy of Arts, Sports & Culture (AAASC) is developing on the same background. It has almost 36 types of activities, in which a child can choose and pursue. The activities are divided mainly in 3 categories Art, Sports and Culture. Pursuing a hobby is the next big thing in the coming competitive future, who knows a child's hobby may one day lead to his successful career.

The accomplished trainers of AAASC will nurture their qualities and will shape their bright future. We give ample opportunities, so the child performs amongst many other schools and academies. Best in class venue and standard prescribed equipment's is a speciality of AAASC.


To be one of the top most sports academies in India, committed to the overall development of its students to reach national level competition.

AAASC pledges to maintain an environment that enables the core values of integrity, leadership, perseverance, respect, and teamwork while enhancing self- esteem, promoting self-confidence and cultivating a lifelong passion for the game.

To provide our trainees the best opportunity to excel by ensuring them with top class infrastructure, professional coaches and a proven track record. We offer a platform to showcase their talent by organizing domestic tournaments events. Another significanat aim of AAASC is to build an excellent reputation in the field of Sports Management.


  • At the early age the children get proper training of the physical activities through various games.
  • Inculcate the habit of physical fitness from early childhood.
  • Develop the healthy atmosphere to learn a sport, hobby & make children ready for the future.
  • Each player of the Academy will get age level wise games.
  • Each player will get proper attendance by the coach.
  • Each player will get chance to explore.
  • Academy will provide the well-equipped and latest play equipment.
  • Academy always keep focus on health & safety of each player of the Academy
  • Age appropriate methods are used to guide players during the training session.
  • The development of the player is timely evaluated by the coach and proper guidance is given for the better performance.
  • Our mission is to build bright future of India & bag maximum gold medals in International events like Olympics, Asian games.

AAASC – Bhilarewadi and Warje
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