Mega Events: Aaryans step towards social cause

Aaryans World School has taken a step ahead to help the over stressed Bank staff by rendering a helping hand in handling a huge crowd outside the different branches of southern Pune. Students visited all the major banks like ICICI, HDFC, Saraswat, SBI, BOM etc.

Altogether 215 children visited 22 branches and each student helped around 10 to 15 people standing in the queue were served with water, biscuits….. Chairs were made available to the senior citizens and challenged people. The children were helping the people to fill in the forms especially the illiterate. Handmade greeting cards and a rose with tea and biscuits were given to express our thanks and gratitude toward the bank officials.

The School Students received an overwhelming response from all the people standing in the queue and especially by the bank staff.

They learnt team spirit, sensitivity, outspokenness, helping, caring and true humanity through this activity.

The children felt proud to contribute towards the social responsibility of being a true citizen.