Aaryans Football Fever - 18th & 19th June- Inter-school, Inter-class and Inter-standards matches.

The game of life is a lot like football.

You have to tackle your problems, block your fears and score your points when you get the opportunity.

Aaryans World School aspires to instill the very crux of life building skills into the children through various activities, one of them being the spectacular game of ‘Football’.

It advocates ‘Defeat can always be defeated by having a Winning attitude, passion and determination'.  Hence with devout desire of building the life skills into the very spirit of the children, this game shall occupy a significant place in the lives of students of Aaryans World School.

In the arena of sports, FIFA 18 ⚽ is rolling on everyone’s mind. The roar of football will be heard in Aaryans World School as we would be heading towards array of inter-school matches, inter-class and inter-standards for which impressive incentives, exciting awards are announced.

To infuse the football fever, the staff would be welcoming our beloved students and they will be presenting a short assembly on the life of famous international football player. Each child will get a chance to kick the ball and hence enjoy the beginning of the Football Era.

So, let us begin the year with a Bang! and brace up ourselves for kicking a goal because we have a  winning attitude and victory has to add feathers in our cap.


The agenda for the glorious day, Monday [18th June 2018] at Aaryans World School , Bhilarewadi & Tuesday [19th June 2018] at Aaryans World School – Warje Branch is:

  • A skit would be presented based on the life of Messi.
  • Students will be enlightened with rules and regulations of the game.
  • Students will see the videos based on the lives of famous football players.
  •   Students will be acquainted with the lives of Indian football players as well and their contribution in the growth of popularity of this game in India.
  •  Moreover, the students would bag a splendid opportunity of experiencing the game on the field.

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