Mega Events: Joy of Giving

JOY OF GIVING..... The term joy of giving was truly experienced by our students and by the teachers who visited Chikhale “ आश्रम शाळा “ (Panvel) on 17th Dec 2016. Our team had been to distribute the woolen clothes that was donated by our parents. 

Our students made those children comfortable through medium of dance and sports. They enjoyed while playing football and dodge ball. Aaryaneits made those children feel that WE ALL ARE ONE and we belong to one community i.e. Human.

Teachers of “ आश्रम शाळा “ were thankful for the first step taken to help them. Those teachers were spell bound when they saw our students trying hard to distribute woolen clothes according to their size, height and age. Our students were thankful and shared that they came across totally a different experience in their life.